December 11, 2011

sila beratur ambil nombor

i cant tell how many times i told my rommmate how stress i am,how worry i am,how sad i am T_T
i am so are one the who always by my side, so you are the chhosen one ;)

 next week i have 3 presentations-plant design expert team, effective communication and entrepreneur
 slides for the presentations
 peer teaching note for team mate
 heat exchanger network for task 3 plant design
 report for business planning for entrepreneur *made half way.suppose to do in english but i did in BM,ouch*
 analysis for my PSM
 quiz for instrumentation process *cannot attend due to presentation*
 10 pages esei for communication

those are for this week *fainting*
yaAllah , bagi hambaMu ini kekuatan.
i took 5minutes for this entry. is it a watse of time.*sigh


IQ = Iez Qis said...

orang pun banyak kerja yang kena submit dalam masa seminggu nih...stresss~~ wuuuu~~

Anyyss Shuhaimi said...

wah..saya faham.. dan saya bakal laluinya..huuu

iela_fadila alias said...


tu laa.. skrg ttba jd rajin sket drpd biasa.. uhu.bgs tapi pack sgt :(


ye anis.. ni pesanan ni,jgn tangguh2 kja,da dapat terus buat ,huu