April 22, 2011

:: he is a true friend ::

you know what? i'm too happy,extremely happy to know you,to have you in my life.
i never thought that you would tell me something like that which make me feel like i'm the luckiest woman in the world. i'm sorry because i made u disappointed before. you are the one who make me accept "kalau ada jodoh,xkemana".
YOU are the REASONS for that WHY.

InsyaAllah, i'll change step by step and i oredy made one step forward. thanks, thanks, thanks.
i dont know how should i thank you. uh. last night was a night that i think will change my world. and i really hope so, amin. i'm still thinking of how and when. i know what you said are all true and what i said are all excuses because i'm afraid of failing. Ya Allah, beri aku petunjuk.

alhamdulillah to know that you are telling me now because you cannot do like that anymore after this. you will hold a really huge responsible after this. thats mean, you know the do and dont.a hppy news but sad news at the same time :(

the day i made the decision to let you go, i really meant it.i know she is the one that should be with you. i dont want to let her be in my situation before. i know how hurt it is. Alhamdulillah, my choice was right. JODOH AWAK DENGAN DIA. i really2 hope that one day she will be able to accept me as your friend and never felt insecure because of me again. 

for her,take good care of him. i dont know either you realize or not how lucky you are to have him in your life.trust me. he knows his limit. i love him as my friend. i count on you. :)

semoga pernikahan yang bakal berlangsung berjalan dengan lancar.
 sekali lafaz ja taw. :) . 
hope that hubungan yang dibina berkekalan sampai akhir hayat.amin.
fahami wanita :)

insyaAllah, hari kenduri kita jumpa. teringin nak jumpa ur bakal isteri  ^_^

who is he?here

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