November 19, 2011

All about questions and answers

1.You must post these rules.
2.Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
And create eleven new questions for people you tagged to answer.
4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post.
5.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6.No tag backs.
7.No stuff in the tagging section about

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- anak ke-3 daripada 6 orang adik-beradik
-i am the blacksheep of the family :)
-kuat cemburu
-always pessimist :( 
-senang menitiskan air mata, @ sensitive
-loves to cook something that i love to eat :)
-loved someone like crazy three years ago.first love maybe 
-mengidamkan kulit wajah yang licin berseri tanpa jerawat durjana -_-
-an engineering student but prefer to start a business not related to my course
-love-story-movie lover
-easily sweat even when i do nothing.hate that

anna's  questions

1. What's your favorite food during Raya feast?
nasi impit together with rendang ayam

2. Where is your hometown?
KEDAH jelapang padi

3. What is in your mind right now?
thinking what is in my mind right now :P .too many things actually

4. Where did you usually go when you want to shop?
specific place? em, a big mall where i can get all the things there,no need to go here and in skudai,Jaya Jusco.

5. Did you have any crush besides artist and boy band?

6. Did you prefer to be a scientist or a lecturer? State why
None of them.because i'm not good enough in analyzing things and i'm not interested talking in front of public.

7. Where did you get your pocket money?
MARA and MaPa :) 

8. How many semester left for you to finish your degree studies?
1 1/2 sem maybe.insyaAllah

9. Since when you read this blog?
since you created that blog.

10. How you find this blog?
by asking you because i am one of the follower of ur prev blog :)

11. Give me your words to improve my writing (Besides improving my language skills -__-)
i love your writing,so no comments, seriously 

i want to tag : az, izyan,  anis, eda, remy , cik tiny, ekin, nad itik kuning, mira, nadcintahatiku, ida

my questions :
1. Model of handphone you are using now?
2. Favourite malay drama/movie/film?
3. The best birthday present you got? from who?
4. Your favourite number? why
5. Do you really interested on what course you are studying now?
6.  Are you a football fan?if yes,which team
7. Do you believe in *cinta-alam-maya*?? why
8. How are you going to tell that you love he/she?
10. How much you save money each month?
11. am i too over in writing my previous post? i mean the topics 

walaupun amik masa yang agak lama*bagi aku la*.rajin rajinla buat,hihi :)


lurunharima said...

mira mana?? saya ker?? kalo saya nak wat..

iela_fadila alias said...

aah.. mira la tu :)