November 24, 2010

d o h e a r m e -

looking for something

ergh. actually i'm not in the right mood.i have to face tough subjects direct for three days.
what a happy moment if i can go through all that smoothly but it is vice versa i think. :(

p/s : oh please! i dont want to see you again next year.if you still there,i have to face you everyweek,and think about u all the is okay if sometimes we have to meet each other but not as always as before.i already spent so much time on you,and i think it is enough.boyfriend i pun i xjumpa tiap2 minggu taw! u jgnla mengada lebey2. i beg u, :(

t8 note : this is about something,not someone. lol

in my mind :

♥ i want to go somewhere that can make me calm and see beautiful scene. a beach i guess!with him.

i will make origami for you,as much as i can.and i want you to watch me doing that.
i want to have a meal or smtg with you,it doesnt matter something expensive or not,as long as i can spend time with will do!comot sesame
snap the pictures of that happy moment with you.
draw anything on the sand of the beach! and colour them with our smile. :)

main lukis2 camni

count our steps on the beach.

smile like this and have you by my side

credit to anna for all da pics!

♥ and of course i wanna spend my time with my sahabat tersayang!
anis,zatie,anna,sapit..wait for ila yarh!kat kedah, t kita g hangout sesama ;) miss u ols!

there are a lot more i wanna do,but all the hard moment,you have to end first. *sigh



a's said...

good luck iela! you can do it!!
btw,my fam vacation is on 2nd 1st dec tu boleh pi umah yantie! jom3!!

iela_fadila alias said...

thanks sayang!
oh ya?i'll inform u later ea coz ta sure ag na stay utm dulu or x,ada event sket tp xcnfirm ag a join o x.i'll text u ok?

Nailofarhazirah said...

OMG! snagt sedih bila just spent together xsampai sejam.. eergghhh...

we need to gather2 after this, dear.. ngee~

Langkawi nak??

iela_fadila alias said...

haa.. tu la pasai..
jap ja kan..
hg laa..ptotnya kena freekan jdual aritu..hehe

t roger2 lain ye..