August 26, 2011

simple conversation with a lil girl

me  ♥ tahun ni nak raya dengan sapa?nak raya dengan ayah atau nak raya dengan mama?

lil girl  ♥ nak raya dengan ayah,nak raya dengan mama,nak dua2.

i'm shocked after heard her answer.
she's such a small girl,still in kndergarden .  although her answer wasnt in the
 choices that i gave to her, dont you think she's smart?.
she's not guilty at all. but the effect is on her. *sigh


Anyyss Shuhaimi said...

she must be a lil cute girl..i wonder. :)

IQ = Iez Qis said...

yeahhh~ mesti dia cute~ huhu~

iela_fadila alias said...

@anyyss n izyan

yes she is ! :)
talkative girl :D

NadiRah said...

mksdnye???mak ayh dia divorce ke??

iela_fadila alias said...

em2,btol.. kesian dia kan :(